PVD Coated Furniture

125 years of experience in filed of metal finishing and 18 years in PVD coating has enabled founders of alta Creation to establish themeseves as pioneers in India. Our aim is to provide complete coating solutions under one proof to our customers. We operate in house 8K automatic buffing line and PVD Machines of multiple chamber capacities and technologies to cater to varied needs.
PVD Physical vapor Deposition is a coating technology to deposite thin film on many different kinds of base materials.During the process ,inside the vacuum atomphere.Due to kinetic energy and a potential difference ,icon move on the product's surface where they condense creating the desired coating.PVD coating is particularly recommended for all those innovative high quality products which require excellent chemical and technical features (hardness, resistance to abrasion ,scratches and corrosion ) and at the same time offers a wide choice of PVD choromatic colors.


Base : Mirror Hairline Graphite
Colors :
  • Champagne : Bronze
  • Gold : Chrome
  • Rose Gold : Blue
  • Black : Cherry Red


  • Anituqe Brass : Antique Copper
  • Antique Silver : Super White